Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mini-Conference 2014: Renew, Rethink, Redesign

Brisbane Square Library
Wednesday 5th November 2014
9:00am - 4:00pm

ALIA members $55.00
Non-members $75.00

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  • Open for registration from Friday 10 October 2014
  • Registrations close 5:00pm Friday 31 October 2014

Program (may be subject to change)

Presentations / Workshops

Session 1

What About Me? - Lee Bess - Library Technician, TAFE Qld, SkillsTech (15 minutes)
There’s no doubt that “library world” is continually renewing, rethinking and redesigning itself.  Library professionals can be proud of the fact that libraries lead the way in adopting new technologies and systems, and respond to consumer needs in innovative and imaginative ways. So what about redesigning the most valuable resource in any library – yourself! This presentation will draw on the personal experience of the writer to place the conference theme (Renew, Rethink, Redesign) into a human context.
It will first discuss why library professionals need to evaluate themselves, aside from performance reviews, renewing or redesigning where necessary. It will then discuss how to go about the evaluation and renewal process

Beyond the Library Universe: Interacting Knowledge and Support Galaxies - Ian Lightbody - STIMulate Coordinator, QUT Library (15 minutes)
The QUT Library has been used as the platform to coordinate “STIMulate”, a support for learning program for maths, science and IT, across three campuses for any coursework student. The program is delivered by over 100 trained student volunteers and seven academic staff. It has proven to be very popular and successful. The program operates a broad spectrum of support ranging from remedial support for struggling students to assisting high-achieving students with difficult and complex projects.

This presentation will present the STIMulate model in more detail and describe many of the added strategic benefits of using libraries to engage communities.

Marketing  Generic Information Literacy Classes in an Era of Blended Learning - Samanthi Suraweera - Library Officer (Reference), University of Southern Queensland  (15 minutes)
University libraries worldwide have experienced difficulties with getting students to see value in attending generic information literacy classes. This presentation will outline reasons for this and the responses libraries have implemented when trying to encourage student participation in the era of online learning.  In particular it will demonstrate how Library staff at the University of Southern Queensland improved dwindling student attendance for generic information literacy classes, using a two pronged approach that involved redesigning classes to be more functionally oriented, and aggressively marketing the classes using a mix of established and newer techniques.

Session 2

From Re-imagining to Reality - Donald Jeffrey - Library Campus Coordinator, Library Campus Services.  Grifffith University, (15 minutes)
In 2012 Griffith University Library set out to re-think the provision of frontline services to better meet the needs of students, academics and the community. This presentation discusses planning, philosophical shift, staffing implications and transitions, new service modelling, staff support, succession planning and future building.  The resultant ‘Griffith University Library Business Improvement Initiative for Frontline services’ encapsulated an overall design for frontline services, sustainable business practices and an acknowledgement and service model  that understands the varying needs of students and academics across the spectrum of Griffith University’s diverse community and locations.

Reviewing Reality Results in Resilience: A Practical Approach - Julie Aslett - Library Campus Coordinator, Campus Coordinator (Gold Coast), and Nadia Davis - Assistant Campus Coordinator, Library Campus Services, Griffith University (workshop - 30 minutes)
Libraries and information services are in a period of operational change. Griffith University Library Business Improvement Initiative for Frontline Services was developed based on the the 3 Rs - rethinking, redesigning and renewing.  Within the changing landscape of service delivery this workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the application of the 3 Rs using real-life scenarios.  Delegates will be able to see how their services, work forces or spaces may benefit from the application of this technique when informed by service analysis, metrics and client feedback.  The Griffith University Library initiative will provide the context and act as a case study for this informative and design thinking workshop.

It’s Harder to Hit a Moving Target! (the sequel) - Sonya Gillece - Manager - Library and Learning Services, TAFE Queensland Brisbane (15 minutes)
"Renew - Rethink – Redesign”…and a fourth “R” should be added to the mini conference theme – Run… faster.
If you are not already designing better user experiences, responding to what your metrics are telling you, marketing, articulating your value to your organisation and CEO, and identifying and capitalising on opportunities, then it could be too late.

This presentation is “the sequel” as it is an update of the one delivered almost a year ago to the national TAFE libraries conference (TALC) outlining the former Southbank Institute of Technology journey to reposition and reinvent our library service from 2011 to June 2014. It will outline the final outcomes, and discuss how that highly successful model and associated strategies is being applied to the amalgamation of three TAFE library services and teams into the new TAFE Queensland Brisbane library and learning services.

I Have a Stream: the Renewing and Re-viewing of Multimedia Collections - Ryan Weymouth - Multimedia Librarian, Social Sciences and Humanities Library, University of Queensland (15 minutes)
The Multimedia Service at the University of Queensland Library is constantly pushing the boundaries in developing services and video streaming products that improve the library user experience, unlock the value of video and audio data held in our collections for both new and older content, and the marketing of these resources to the University community. At the same time we are attempting to stay technologically up to date, work out our niche within the University learning environment, manage copyright issues, and educating our academics on how to use video streaming resources effectively in Blackboard to support the flipped classroom approach.

This presentation provides an overview of the UQ Library Multimedia Service operation and the opportunities and challenges that we are currently facing. 

Leave Them to Their Own Devices: Patron Driven Acquisition and eBooks at GRAIL (Government Research And Information Library) - Cassie Pummell, Collection Librarian, GRAIL (Government Research & Information Library), State Library of Queensland (15 minutes)
GRAIL (Government Research And Information Library) provides library services to 6 Queensland government departments & agencies as a small unit within the State Library of Queensland. In the last couple of years, we have introduced eBooks to our clients using both a patron-driven acquisition model through EBL eBooks and also by purchasing titles in perpetuity from EBSCO eBooks.  Technical and collection development issues encountered, such as a lack of Australian content and difficulties downloading to devices in a government IT environment, are discussed. The methods we have used to promote eBooks, which have included creating a Campus Guides page devoted to EBL eBooks and featuring eBook titles in our blogs, are outlined.

Session 3

I Don’t See the Need For It, So Why Would I Do It? Undergraduates, Libraries and Social Media Skills - Megan Pozzi - Project Officer, Academic Skills Adviser and Sessional Academic, QUT (workshop - 40 minutes)
Much attention has been placed on the online safety, wellbeing and online skills of school students. Numerous programs, both face to face and online, exist for this demographic as well as those who support them such as teachers and parents. Less attention, however, has been paid to the online skills, and particularly the social media skills, of undergraduates. This is surprising given the ubiquity of social media amongst 18-25 year olds. One of the apparent justifications for this lack of resources may be the common assumption that access to technology equates with technological proficiency and that students are ‘digital natives’.

This hands-on workshop will use qualitative and quantitative data to work through some of the issues related to the intersection between undergraduates, social media and libraries. It will challenge the assumption that undergraduate students have an inherent understanding of how to use social media strategically and safely simply because they have access to it. 

Keep Calm, Become eSmart - Carolyn Haynes - Library Technical Services Program Leader, Logan City Council (15 minutes)
More than one third of libraries across Australia have joined eSmart Libraries - the cyber safety system designed to equip libraries and connect library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology. Participating libraries are enhancing their role to connect communities with the online world by dispelling fears, giving practical guidance and encouraging good digital citizenship.

This presentation showcases library innovations and will provide participants with an explanation of how Logan is successfully implementing eSmart by renewing our cyber safety focus, redesigning staff development and online user training and guidance,  and rethinking operational procedures.

Transforming Copies and Loans - Beth Paul - Access Services Coordinator, Collection Access, State Library of Queensland (15 minutes)
The State Library of Queensland has recently introduced two new services: borrowing from State Library’s Information Collection, and the provision of TIFF files on our website. The concept of borrowing from our collections is not new. State Library has been lending its music score collection directly to members for many years, and has been lending Information Collection items indirectly to the public via our interlibrary loan service. However, as a means of improving state-wide access to our collections, the lending model has been expanded to enable members to borrow from the Information Collection in person, or by using the State Library’s catalogue One Search to place a request for an item to be sent to their nominated Queensland Public Library. Coinciding with these changes to the lending service, the State Library has also made available to the public high quality TIFF files for Copyright free and Creative Common images. Over 60,000 digital images are now available for download, free of charge.

This presentation will discuss the rationale behind these services, and will report on outcomes and usage statistics.


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