Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Interested in learning new skills and further developing your networks?

ALIA Queensland is currently seeking interest from members who would like to be part of the ALIA QLD Committee.

 Being a Committee member is an excellent networking venture and an opportunity to develop skills that may enhance your competitiveness in the job market. Committee members are able to work on skills such as team coordination, budgeting, program planning and delivery, project management, marketing, research and evaluation,communication, lobbying and advocacy, event management and public speaking.

As an ALIA committee member, you will be recognised as a representative of ALIA, receive professional development points and become eligible for a silver pin if you serve for five years.

The Committee usually meets for an hour every 6 weeks (this can be more regularly when planning major events). Meetings are face-to-face with options for remote attendance.

If you are  interesting in being part of the ALIA Queensland Committee please email


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